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Pasta Raphael


A very old product known since the Middle Ages. Over time, it has changed its composition and purpose. The columns in the churches of Rome seem to be made of a single stone, in fact they are made of separate round stone blocks, smeared with mortar on top and then the artists painted the veins and colors of the stone. Raphael allows you to imitate everything like a pattern and then polish it to shine. In some places in the Vatican, there are even unfinished paintings of pink marble - in fact, unfinished Raphael.

Over time, the method of application, the composition of the paste and the trade names with which it appears on the market have changed: marble effect: stucco Venetian, Raphael, marble, Venetian plaster and others.

LORCA's Raphael has been tested by many masters and can be successfully used in decoupage to achieve various effects.

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